Match Review: Caroline Garcia v Coco Vandeweghe

It was the sixth day at the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix and the semifinals were played with French sixth seed Carolina Garcia playing wildcard Coco Vandeweghe from the United States on Center Court. There ended up being a shock result as after quite a tight start to the first set, Vandeweghe just got on a hot streak and managed to close down a 6-4, 6-2 win. Even though there were no sparks on the court today from Caroline Garcia, it was still a solid performance as she was good in getting in first serves and was able to get some nice strikes from the forehand but she lacked the firepower needed in the end. It was an erratic start from Vandeweghe as she made too many return errors but her serve was always so impressive and once she focused down and got into a rhythm, she was too strong and fast.

Set 1

We saw Coco Vandeweghe smack away the second serve for a backhand winner in the first point of the match and despite Caroline Garcia getting good first serves in to hold that game, that point was a sign of what was coming. The biggest strife we saw Vandeweghe’s serve come under for the entire match was actually in her first service game when Garcia attacked the serve to get to 30-30 but Vandeweghe won a point at the net before closing out the game with a big serve. From there, we saw some more scrappy holds as Vandeweghe was making loose return errors while Garcia was playing a high-risk game to keep it away from Vandeweghe’s forehand which resulted in some poor Garcia return errors. The only poor Vandeweghe game was at 3-3 when she hit two low-quality errors, with two coming off the return, to give Garcia the hold but she did not lose another game in the opener after. The break came for Vandeweghe with a slice of luck as she won a point of a net-cord at 30-30 to give her the breakpoint she took for 5-4 before using perfect power and placement to serve out the opener out 6-4.

Set 2

There was a slight lapse of concentration from Coco Vandeweghe to start the second set as she made some loose return errors to give the Caroline Garcia opening hold, but Vandeweghe refocused with a strong service game of her own to level. Then we saw one of the best games of the match from Garcia as she got some great forehand winners with smooth stikes to hold for 1-2 and despite that game making her optimistic, it ended up as her last game of the day. There were some signs of frustration from Garcia after Vandeweghe’s next hold as she seemed to be at a loss as to how she would handle such a big serve and barrage of aggression. That frustration may have carried through into Garcia’s next game but it was still such a strong game from Vandeweghe as she hit some incredible forehand winners and then chased down a drop shot for the break at 3-2. Vandeweghe then went on a deadly tear as she could not miss and she was making all her shots to hold and break to love for 5-2, where she served it out and got the 6-4, 6-2 win with more trademark big serves.

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