Match Review: Magdalena Rybarikova v Sachia Vickery

It was quarterfinals day at the Monterrey Open and my feature match opened play on the Estadio GNP Seguros as the second seed Magdalena Rybariova from Slovakia took on the American seventh seed Sachia Vickery. The result ended up being an upset as Rybarikova went down 6-0, 6-3 to Vickery in quite a quick affair. Overall, this was a really good match from the American as she was able to switch in and out of being patient in the rally and waiting for an opportunity to being more aggressive and going for it depending on the situation. It was also good from Vickery to see that she kept fighting despite feeling some injury pain towards the end of the match. Rybarikova was not very good today as she was making too many forehand errors and she was not winning too many points at the net due to Vickery’s talent for passing shots.

Set 1

The first set was smart from Sachia Vickery and she made it incredibly hard for Magdalena Rybarikova to get a game because Vickery played her best in those clutch moments. The first couple of games saw Rybarikova spray errors on the forehand while Vickery just hit into space and waited for either an easy winner without much risk or a Rybarikova error. After Vickery got the double break for 4-0, we started to see her become more comfortable and hit with some power and even though, in the beginning, it didn’t work too well as Rybarikova had three break back points in that fifth game, Vickery saved them with fantastic backhands and escaped with the game before serving the set out with some nifty net play. Another key to the opener for Vickery was her passing shot prowess as it took away a major Rybarikova weapon, which is her net play.

Set 2

From the start of the second set, we saw that Magdalena Rybarikova was going to fight as in the first game she was aggressive off returns and hit good forehands to get a break point opportunity, but Sachia Vickery produced timely big serves to save it and hold. We then saw Rybarikova get on the board for 1-1 after one of the first real off games from Vickery but the American was back on track from the next game as she dug deep to get another tough hold. It looked like Vickery might break away at this point as she reverted back to staying in the rally waiting for an opportunity and she got a break point but Rybarikova saved it with a good volley and then held for 2-2. It looked like Vickery might have been starting to hurt here as she amped up the aggression and bulldozed through a hold before fighting through a mammoth game to get the decisive break and 4-2 lead. From there, Rybarikova was too inconsistent as she gave away the next game before showing up on serve to get one last hold before Vickery served out the match despite appearing hampered by injury at the end.

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