ATP Wimbledon Preview

I’ll be doing the same style preview I did for the women’s Wimbledon event for the men, which is when I rank the top 16 seeds and 4 other dark horse players in how likely I think they are to win the title.

20. Gael Monfils (#15 Seed) – I was very impressed with how Monfils was playing in Eastbourne and he got an especially impressive victory over Richard Gasquet. I don’t think the Monfils is mentally strong enough to get a grand slam yet and he has not been very impressive at all for the majority of this year. If he plays like he did in Eastbourne he could make a deep run but he never seems to bring his game when he plays the top players, which he would have to do in order to make a run.

19. Nick Kygrios (Dark Horse) – It is always extremely hard to read Kyrgios and see where he is at because he’s so hot and cold. There have also been injury concerns since the beginning of the clay season for him but he has said that he will play Wimbledon no matter what, which could be either a very wise decision or a horrible one.

18. Alexander Zverev (#10 Seed) – I think that Zverev’s confidence took a heavy knock when Federer easily moved through him in the recent Halle final. He can play very well on grass but I just don’t see him being able to put it all together at this event. He could make a run if he gets a good start in the first couple of rounds but it all comes down to how the German is feeling on each day he plays.

17. Karen Khachanov (Dark Horse) – It was very tempting to put Khachanov higher in my rankings based on how well he has been playing recently and all the excitement surrounding him but I decided to put him at 17 due to the lack of experience at slams. I have him down to upset Nadal in the third round but beyond that I don’t see him being able to back a big win up.

16. Kei Nishikori (#9 Seed) – I don’t think there’s any surprises to see Nishikori quite a bit lower in my rankings that he is in the ATP rankings because he hasn’t done much recently and there are a lot of injury concerns surrounding him. Even if he was healthy I don’t see his game being very effective in the grass courts against some of the other contenders.

15. Dominic Thiem (#8 Seed) – Thiem is down at number 15 because I think he is worn out at this point in the season considering the heavy schedule he plays and also because his game doesn’t convert to grass too cleanly. He has seemed to peak for the big moments this season but, like Nishikori, I don’t see it coming together for him at Wimbledon this year.

14. Feliciano Lopez (Dark Horse) – I was very tempted to put Lopez a lot higher on these rankings because of how impressive he was on his way to the Queens title. He has also said that he believes he is playing the best tennis of his career and even though I think a deep run would be expected I can’t see him winning.

13. Grigor Dimitrov (#13 Seed) – If I made these rankings for Wimbledon after the Australian Open Dimitrov would have been very high on the list but since then he hasn’t been playing his best. He looked alright in Queens but he also looked vulnerable and even though he probably wants to win as much as anyone in this list I don’t believe he will be able to do much when he runs into a seeded player.

12. Juan Martin del Potro (Dark Horse) – I choose Del Potro as my highest ranked dark horse because he is the most experienced out of all the dark horses when it comes to the pointy end of grand slams. I don’t think that it is disputed that DelPo plays much better than his ranking suggests and he could easily go to the semifinals or even the final if he manages to move past Djokovic in the third round. I am very high on the Argentinian’s chances moving into the event even though we don’t have much evidence on how he is playing.

11. Tomas Berdych (#11 Seed) – There isn’t really much to say on Berdych because I just think that is too late for him to make a title run at Wimbledon despite it being happy hunting grounds for him in the past. I don’t think that Berdych has underachieved throughout his career because his game just isn’t strong enough to win the biggest titles.

10. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (#12 seed) – I think that Tsonga is very similar to Berdych in that it’s just too late in his career and the game has evolved too much for someone like Tsonga to win a slam again. I would be expecting something like a fourth round or quarterfinal showing from him which would be commendable considering his age and how long he has been on the circuit for.

9. Lucas Pouille (#14 Seed) – Most people would have put Pouille a bit lower in these rankings but after looking at his results this year and his past grass court pedigree I decided to put him a but higher. Pouille has continually surprised me with his results when I am not expecting much of him and I have decided not to bet against him anymore so I have put quite high on my rankings.

8. Marin Cilic (#7 Seed) – A lot people are putting Cilic as their favourite to win the title based on his superb form recently but I don’t think he is capable of winning Wimbledon yet. He has never made it past the quarterfinals at Wimbledon and doesn’t have strong grass court pedigree outside the Queens Club. It wouldn’t be shocking if Cilic did prove me wrong but I have put him round about what his ATP rank is.

7. Gilles Muller (#16 Seed) – I am expecting some big things from Muller this Wimbledon because he is playing the best tennis of his career and he is somewhat of a grass court specialist. He has a good draw and although he hasn’t had that much grand slam success the stars seem to be aligning for Muller this Wimbledon.

6. Milos Raonic (#6 Seed) – The only reason that I didn’t put Raonic higher is because he has appeared to be injured for most of the season and he hasn’t gotten that stand out result so far this year. We all know he can play extremely well on the grass and he is defending final points from last year so this could easily come together for him very quickly if he wins his first couple of rounds relatively easily.

5. Stan Wawrinka (#5 Seed) – I was tossing up wether too put Wawrinka higher or lower because it’s about weighing up his disappointing grass court play for the past few years against his determination and fight to complete his career grand slam. I haven’t seen the determination that Wawrinka has shown when asked about claiming his maiden Wimbledon before this year so I have decided to match his ATP ranking of 5 in my rankings.

4. Novak Djokovic (#2 Seed) – If Djokovic hadn’t played Eastbourne and won that event I would have put him a couple of spots lower but even though I don’t think he is completely back I think that he will have a little bit more confidence. If he continues to build on the confidence he has recently gained I don’t think many players would be able to stop him by the second week.

3. Rafael Nadal (#4 Seed) – I was tempted to put Nadal a few spots lower than this just because he has not done well at all on grass in the previous years but I think that he is coming to Wimbledon without much pressure on him and he will just go for it. He does have a tough draw but as soon as he gets through first couple of rounds he can be a very dangerous player by the quarterfinals and semifinals but it’s just about getting those first few wins.

2. Andy Murray (#1 Seed) – Personally, I don’t think that there should be much concern over Murray’s hip problem because I think that the British press may have puffed that story up a little bit. I think that he has shaken off that Queens loss and he will be confident and looking forward to trying to defend his title at Wimbledon.

1. Roger Federer (#3 Seed) – I, like everyone else in the tennis world, have there eyes on Federer to recreate the magic that we have come so used to seeing from him on grass. I am extremely excited to see how he is performing because I don’t see what would be stopping him from playing fantastic tennis due to his confidence from the Halle win and I think he has a chip on his shoulder because he’s coming into the event as the favourite.


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